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Vertical Ladder Systems

Permanent Vertical Safety Systems

Permanent Ladder Systems offer a simple and economical

solution where permanent fall protection is required.

They are designed to provide fall protection when climbing

or descending ladders or vertical structures. They consist of

either galvanised or stainless steel wire rope terminated to an

engineered bracket.

The operator utilises the rope grab, a light weight detachable

stainless steel fall arrest device complete with shock absorber

which allows hands free operation. A locking bar prevents the

device from being positioned upside down. The device with the

integral shock absorber is connected to a harness with ladder


The wire cable slides through the U shaped body of the device,

with a small nylon wheel facilitating the running. Should a fall

occur the device locks on the cable, stopping the fall with the

shock absorber greatly reducing the chance of injury. Simple

and strong, the device is easy to visually inspect for any web

damage, oxidation or deformation prior to use.

SALA Lad-Saf


Flexible Cable System

The Lad-Saf


system is designed to provide maximum personal

fall protection whilst ascending or descending a ladder. The

system can be made to suit permanent ladders of any length.

When used in conjunction with the Lad-Saf


sleeve, this will

limit a fall by an operator to a maximum of 600mm.

Old-style fall protection solutions such as ladder cages

are a poor solution by contrast - they tend to cause more

injury to a worker and will not arrest a fall. In addition, they

are considerably more expensive to install, and rescue

from a ladder cage is very difficult.

How It Works:

A 10mm galvanised steel cable is secured along the length

of the ladder with a termination bracket at the bottom and a

shock absorber at the top. An adjustable spanner is then used

to tighten the wire to the correct operating tension using a shear

washer - no torque wrenches are required. The Lad-Saf



is then attached to the cable using two deliberate actions. The

operator is protected once they attach the Lad-Saf


sleeve to

their full body harness with a frontal fall arrest D-ring, using a


To avoid deterioration from exposure to the elements or theft,

the Lad-Saf


sleeve should be detached at the completion of

every use. Each Lad-Saf


sleeve can be used by a

single operator, and up to 4 operators can use a

single system.

To prevent vibration and wind noise, Intermediate

cable guides are adhered at 8m intervals

along the ladder.

In an application such as a standard

25m ladder, installation can be

completed in less than 2 hours.

Söll Ladder System

The Söll fall protection system utilised GuideLoc



which is a guided type 1 fall arrestor used in conjunction with

fixed ladder elements of the Söll system. Available in a variety

of configurations and materials, the unique glider travels

smoothly up and down the rails in the centre stile with minimal


The comfort guide type 1 fall arrestor runs smoothly

through the guide rail to enable smooth ascents and descents

on the ladder system. The guide attaches the users full body

harness by a locking karabiner, enabling the operator to travel

freely up and down the ladder system.

In the event of a fall, the fall arrestor prevents a free fall by self-

locking in the guide rail. This offers the user protection in every

position and at any height.

Ladder System Features:

• Söll guide rails can be combined with horizontal routes,

which enable the user to move vertically or horizontally

without having to detach from the system.

• The ladder system is available in, aluminium,

hot galvanised steel and stainless steel.

• Manufactured to handle the toughest environmental


• Accessories such as entry and exit devices, roof

ascents or shaft entry equipment available.