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Sayfa Travel 8 Permanent Static Line System

System Features:

• Advanced energy absorbing and multi user capability

• Used in horizontal & overhead applications

• Smooth intermediate pass through system

using Pilot Traveller

• Simple installation using modular componentry

• Various adaptable mounting facilities

• Low profile system, can be powdercoated

Sayfa Raptor Overhead Rail System

System Features:

• A proprietary fall arrest and abseil system suitable for

multiple users in commercial and industrial applications

• Minimal deflection in rail system in case of fall

• Increased number of users per rail system due to rigid,

engineered system

• Neat & unobtrusive, option for powder coating to blend

in with surrounds

• Easily and cost effectively extended as required

Söll MultiRail Guided Rail System

Söll-MultiRail is a smooth guided rail system which can be

adapted to the structural conditions of a particular environment

and can easily be used on a straight run or around corners.

MultiRail is most suitable for horizontal applications.

Easy to handle system:

• The gliders slide smoothly on the rail following the users.

• Available with three different glider options.

• Can be assembled at foot level on a wall or overhead.

• Only few components are necessary.

• The closed profile makes the product more resistant

against the accumulation of dirt.


• Can be used by up to 6 persons at the same time.

• The rail can absorb forces up to 100kg without

permanent deformation.

• Made of stainless steel for the toughest environmental


• The energy caused by the fall is absorbed by the bending

of the rail, thereby, the structure remains protected.

Fields of use

• Storefront.

• Flat roofs or steep roofs.

• Working platforms on masts and buildings.

• Hangers, shipyards, cranes etc.

• Industrial Plants.

• Loading and maintenance bays.

• Can also be used as a handrail.