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SpanSet 4000 Pulley System

This rescue/access pulley system with a 4.1

mechanical advantage features a single directional

set of pulleys allowing efficient lifting and controlled

lowering. Can be locked off for prolonged

suspension, be self operated or by a

second person.

Unit of Measure - Each





Rescue pulley system, Kernmantle

rope, 2 x K1 karabiners, E2000 x 2

Round slings


SpanSet Gotcha Rescue Kit

The Gotcha Kit provides a rescue kit

that will enable a rescuer to:

• Attach a casualty who is suspended by a fall arrest lanyard.

• Raise casualty in order to release their current attachment.

• Raise or lower the casualty to a point of safety.

Pre-Assembled kit includes:

• 1 Telescopic pole.

• 2 Anchor slings

• 2 Karabiners

• 50 metres of kernmantle rope

• 1 Double pulley system.

• 1 Single pulley system

• 1 Attachment claw

• 1 Rope descender.

Get the Gotcha to ensure that you

have an effective rescue plan.

Unit of Measure - Each

Order Code: 311281



Trauma Relief Step

The Miller relief step is a compact and lightweight pack,

which encompasses a webbing strap and foot loop. It is

attached easily to any full body harness, by looping around

the harness webbing and attaching to the hip. This assists in

enhancing blood circulation and helps to avoid suspension

trauma whilst awaiting rescue from a fall.

Unit of Measure - Each

Order Code: 311680



Bosuns Chair

The bosuns chair is made to suit a wide

variety of situations from confined space

to working at heights.

• Features safety body belt and

suspension from above the head

• Spreader frame enables full use of a safety helmet.

• Adjustable leg straps with D-rings and snap hooks.

• Boards made from first grade marine plywood.

• Webbing loops through and crosses under

board for maximum strength.

• Use in conjunction with full body harness

and back up line.

Unit of Measure - Each

Order Code: 311941

Universal Spreader Bar

• The karabiners on the universal spreader bar are attached

directly to the shoulder straps of the harness.

• Top D-ring can be attached to a raising and lowering device.

• Wrist loops assist in casualty removal from a confined


• Sturdy frame allows worker to comfortably wear a hard hat.

Unit of Measure - Each

Order Code: 311871

Bandit Tool Strap

• Tool lanyard conveniently attaches to the users belt.

• Tool attachment via small karabiner or adjustable

clinching cord.

• Elasticised cord for greater worker flexibility.

• 800mm retracted and 1.2m fully extended.

• Maximum tool weight 2.26kg.

Unit of Measure - Each

Order Code: 311872