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Permanent Access Ladder Systems

Permanent Access Ladder Systems provide a safer egress

from one roof level to the other. Manufactured from high-grade

extruded structural aluminium they require minimal space when

installed. A fall protection system can be incorporated whether

it be a fixed cage or vertical lifeline for safety. All ladders are

designed in accordance to AS1657:1992.

Permanent Access Ladder Systems Include The Following


• Provide a fixed point and safe means of access

• Light weight structural aluminium

• Easy onsite installation assembly

• Low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing

• Lockable cover or door

Ladder Brackets

Ladder Brackets are designed to provide a fixed, secure

attachment point for temporary ladders when accessing a

rooftop. They are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel and

are available for bolting into walls, fascias and act as a cover

to protect the gutter from being crushed or damaged. Ladder

Brackets will prevent the temporary ladder from moving side

to side and provides an easy lashing point. When used with

permanent anchor points, it provides a seamless safe egress


Roof Walkway Systems & Guard Rails

Bullivants can assist to improve roof top access with lightweight

and versatile walkways and guardrails.

With the option of either aluminium or fibreglass, walkways

provide a safe non-slip surface, and provide a stable platform

when travelling across the roof space, eliminating any damage

to the roof sheeting. The aluminium walkway also has the

capabilities of including steps in between walkways from one

roof level to the other.

Guardrails are a permanent system that provide a solid barrier

for fall protection for when working at heights. Guardrails can

be incorporated into walkways, platforms, stairs, metal roof

sheeting, concrete and steel structures.

Falls from a vertical ladder can occur. Bullivants

recommendation is to install a fall protection

system for any ladder over 3m. That being

either a fixed cage or vertical lifeline/rail as per

AS1657:1992 (Section 5).